The online marketing tactics Mike Giannulis recommends for entrepreneurs

The online marketing tactics Mike Giannulis recommends for entrepreneurs

Mike Giannulis says the Internet and its advanced applications have changed the way we do business! Both established brands and small business owners use internet technologies to build and promote their business in a myriad of ways. Using online techniques today, we have access to many resources that previously were impossible to harness. Still, some entrepreneurs overlook a few simple and secure online marketing tactics for their business. It delays brand growth, visibility, and awareness.

Online marketing tactics recommended by Mike Giannulis

Currently, the world is a digital space of innovation and growth. Entrepreneurs should leverage it completely. Especially when the world is recovering from COVID-19, working online and resorting to virtual branding, marketing, and business promotions is the need of the hour. Mike Giannulis, a famous entrepreneur who takes an interest in business innovation, suggests the best online marketing tactics for every entrepreneur. 

1. Personal branding is essential

Successful businesses can attain sufficient momentum from smart business leaders who lead them. When entrepreneurs brand themselves, it gives the company or business a brand face and allows people to connect with the brand even better. Also, the entrepreneur’s personal image can help in enhanced brand promotion. It will enable entrepreneurs the scope to network better and meet new people. When people have a face, they can connect with for a brand, they are keen on partnerships and other business opportunities. And this doesn’t cost you much, but it needs quality time and business analysis.

2. Opt-in for content marketing

Simply put, content marketing is available in many forms, based on the way you create a strategy. And it can help you attain various goals. Entrepreneurs can use eBooks, blog posts, and whitepapers for their brand and encourage people to download the content. It can lead to more sign-ups and organic traffic on the website.

Entrepreneurs can resort to content to assist in troubleshooting. Additionally, content marketing is highly useful and versatile. And when the content is good, customers will want more content from you about your brand and its services/products.

3. Try social media marketing

Most people think that social media marketing is a way to get rich fast! There is enormous potential for social media marketing, but you need time to witness the best results. Expecting exponential brand visibility and increased follower-base from the first day is an ambitious expectation. Instead, it would be best if you experimented with social media post ideas and images, created audience engagements, and found your social media marketing mix that works for you. After that, the profits in cash and kind follow.

4. Email marketing is essential

Email marketing provides ample scope for ROI (Return on Investment) as you don’t need to spend anything to execute the same. You can start by collecting the subscribers from your social media followers and the current consumer base. You can begin by sending a monthly newsletter, which will encourage more traffic to your website. It also helps to promote user engagement with the brand. Naturally, the brand recall value increases, and you stay at the top of the minds of your target customer section.

Online marketing helps entrepreneurs of all kinds expand their brand in various ways. Furthermore, online marketing strategies are an ongoing initiative. Entrepreneurs can amp up the pace of these initiatives anytime they deem fit.

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