The best lead generation hacks businesses can use anytime by Mike Giannulis

The best lead generation hacks businesses can use anytime by Mike Giannulis

Mike Giannulis businesses of all kinds have to face lead generation challenges from time to time. Most sales teams think that they have done away with the people and company limit to sell their services and products. And that is the reason why just about 10% of the marketers share about the efficiency in their lead generation tactics. While the remaining 90% suffer, this imbalance needs to get addressed and resolved.

Mike Giannulis shares smart lead generation hacks

Are you thinking about the solution? If yes, then you can refer to the useful lead generation tactics by Mike Giannulis, an expert entrepreneur taking an interest in business case studies and lead generation principles.

  1. Resort to social media for enhancing the sales pipeline

Make use of social media for sharing your marketing and brand content. Here you will get to connect with a full audience pool. Make use of blog posts to draw in organic traffic to your landing page and website. It will help you to get good prospects from Facebook and Instagram. A potent social media marketing strategy will help you create an engaged and loyal customer and follower base and acquire targeted leads. Know the audience and share relevant data that will help customers know of your expertise.

You should, however, not just concentrate on posts based only on your company. Take time to interact with the followers. Extend the necessary online help when a user is all set of making a purchase, and that will help to generate more customer good-will and trust.

2. Grade the structure for prospects

Lead generation is highly time-critical! That’s why it’s a smart call to divide all leads into long-term, mid-term, and short-term projects. So that there’s a rolling pipeline. However, there’s no need to stop there! You can have your standard considering the leads. That qualify and things they should do for shifting to the next level in the pipeline.

3. Get the correct tools for tracking the leads

Make sure that you always have the necessary tools to track the ROI (return on investments) as well as allocate the budget by making use of channels to track the leads. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to use as it helps to assess the website traffic and report the audience’s behavior. One more platform that can help is HubSpot, which is an inbound sales and marketing platform that concentrates on tracking the lead activity online. It also delivers the marketing content customized to their interest. You need to streamline all the lead source report in one central system so that the leads are organized. It would be best if you also track the value and efficiency of every ad campaign and lead source. It will help in an effective lead follow-up.

4. Make use of an automated email marketing scheme

Drafted and used correctly, emails are a cost-effective and smart way for generating new business. While you are sending emails, it is essential to customize them, depending on the targeted lead. That will make them feel acknowledged and exclusive. Ensure that all the emails you send carry a distinct CTA (Call toAction) along with a link to the landing page, where the prospects can offer the required details.

Lead generation is an essential part of business success. The steps mentioned above will help you generate quality leads that add value to your business.

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