Overcome the hindrances in your entrepreneurial journey with these tips from Mike Giannulis

Overcome the hindrances in your entrepreneurial journey with these tips from Mike Giannulis

Mike Giannulis to become an entrepreneur, you must have the ability to encounter challenges that abound the entire journey of entrepreneurship. At every step, you will face challenges, some known and some unknown, and you must have the ability to keep moving by overcoming them to reach the milestones of achievements. Entrepreneurship is a journey, and you must never aspire to reach the finishing line but instead stay motivated to push the limits by stepping out from the comfort zone to elevate your enterprise to a new level, believes Mike Giannulis. Never be complacent about your achievements but have the appetite for achieving more. Once you feel satiated, you will lose the motivation to stretch yourself further to conquer new heights, and it will stunt your business growth.

Mike Giannulis advises on how to deal with setbacks effectively

Joy and sadness are part of any journey, and entrepreneurial ventures are no different.  There will be moments when you feel ecstatic and times when you would be extremely disappointed and dejected. Focus on the joyful moments and treasure the experience to boost. The confidence that drives you closer to achieving your goals. However, there are chances of negative thoughts engulfing your mind during tough times. Which could make you feel sorry for yourself. Unknowingly you could embrace some coping mechanisms like a binge. Eating and binge-watching television or take to alcohol to camouflage the negative experience. This can be more damaging as it would alienate you from work.

To counter setbacks, retain your motivation, and take stock of a hard time to move ahead by doing the following.

Accept and acknowledge the hurdle

When you face obstacles, never try to ignore it but instead acknowledge it so that by focusing on it, you can think about removing it. However, while focusing on the obstacle. You could discover many aspects that leave you confused and unable to understand the cause of its occurrence. Since the swirling thoughts build negativity, you must avoid it by slowing down the thinking process and pause for some time to understand what is going on inside your head. In the process, you can control your thoughts and then focus on the positives that will keep you motivated to find solutions for overcoming the problem.

Pay attention to things that you are in control of

Driving business in the right direction is no easy job, and sometimes. You might feel overwhelmed by the problems that seem to take the better of you. Be pragmatic in such situations by realizing that you can never control everything but focus on the aspects. That you can control, like taking measures to boost sales or realigning the marketing plan. If some team members are spoiling your game think about suitable replacements. Concentrate on what is achievable and undertake tasks that give results.

Be ready to seek help for resolving problems that are too much for you to handle. When you have someone by your side who has the experience in dealing. With such problems, it will help you make the right decisions to overcome it.

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