Michael Giannulis on unique strategies to maintain the balance between work and personal life amidst COVID 19
Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis on unique strategies to maintain the balance between work and personal life amidst COVID 19

Michael Giannulis says the coronavirus pandemic has altered lives. And the work environment for people, as the government stresses social distancing. Working people are feeling burned out as they are unable to strike a balance between parenting and working, in addition to household chores. Although working from home comes with various advantages. Yet, it has complicated life for many. Many individuals are facing difficulty in working remotely. The majority of the people are dealing with sickness in the family. Some have also lost near and dear ones to the novel coronavirus. If you are one of those who are not being able to re-define the balance. Between work and personal life, here are a few steps in which you can manage your responsibilities:

Customize a dedicated space for work, says Mike Giannulis

Every office has a designated space for work where people keep the tools and equipment handy for completing the daily errands. With the sudden shift in the work environment, it is essential to arrange for a fixed place as your work area. The majority of the parents and homemakers are struggling with the responsibilities of home-schooling and cooking during the pandemic. Whether you transform your kitchen or dining table into your working desk or fix a room as your work area. You must ensure that your housemates maintain a boundary between the house and your workspace. Make sure that you are not running around the house to conduct online meetings. It is mandatory to separate your working hours from your free time. Your children should not be coming to you during that time.

Unplug yourself at regular intervals

Remote working has increased the number of working hours for the majority as employees strive to give their best. However, it is essential to take a routine break for a few minutes to rejuvenate and improve your productivity. At the office, talking to a colleague and the fixed hours for lunch and tea break were the ideal breathers for employees. Similarly, employees need to remove themselves from the screen for a few minutes as they work remotely. Maintain a fixed timing for a break so that you can spend that time at the lunch table with your children or take a walk around the house, says Mike Giannulis. People living with you must be aware that you will be available only during the breaks.

Organize yourself by following a routine

Before the pandemic, office goers had a scheduled time for everything, which kept people in control of their lives. It is necessary to establish a routine during the shift in work and home life for children and adults. Maintaining it enables you to enhance your productivity and regain a sense of control. That you had lost due to public health issues. It is not mandatory to be rigid with your routine. However, scheduling your day-to-day tasks has an advantage over approaching Michael Giannulis work without any sense of time.

Look out for novel ways to get moving

Remote working strands the employees on a single chair throughout the day. It is essential to take out time for some physical exercise amidst the long hours of desk work. Resort to some stretching and easy workouts between your meetings, says Michael Giannulis. Utilizing the opportunities to exercise will help you maintain your fitness. And keep you on the move during such challenging times.

Acknowledge the importance of self-care

The majority of the working people are losing themselves as they show commitment and dedication towards their work during the pandemic. They are unable to strike a balance between work and personal time.

It is good to be consistent but not at the cost of mental health. Finding time for self-care is the best way to maintain well being.

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