How To Invest In Employees For Business Growth – Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

How To Invest In Employees For Business Growth – Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis know how big Google is as a company. Working with such a name has some perks as an employee as well. With extended paid parental leave and free food, college tuition reimbursement to even bonus payment for the new parents out there, Google is doing as much as possible for its employees. Have you ever thought why? The answer is simple. If you have a satisfied group of employees working under you, it results in better business profits.

According to Michael Giannulis, if your business is able to satisfy the main people who are working for you, then your employees will do their job with much love and respect towards your firm. As they are getting a lot from your side, they are willing to repay that with extra hard work and dedicated services. With a team of excellent workers, you can always expect your business to score high in this competitive market. So, all in all, it is not wrong to state that if you can make your employees happy, you will get better business growth in no time.

Try to focus on the KANBAN systems, according to Michael Giannulis:

KANBAN is stated to be a method for work management, and this system was introduced as result of “in time” manufacturing as added to the production process of TPS. This approach has been crafted on the pill system, and based on production on customer’s demands.

  • This unique way of covering things led to the introduction of Lean manufacturing, which is also stated as “lean.”
  • The main goal of such production work is to minimize waste without sacrificing the production. It helps to offer that best value to customers, without even trying to generate unwanted costs.
  • Even if you think that lean manufacturing is not the right choice for you, KANBAN procedure will help employees to stay on top of their individual tasks.
  • If covered in the right way, KANBAN is highly useful for improving the productivity level through the entire workforce. It offers the much needed insight into bottlenecks and help to keep the workflow running smoothly.

Happy employees mean happy customers, as per Mike Giannulis:

According to Mike Giannulis, engaged employees will help your business to establish a good relationship with customers. As your employees are the ones in direct contact with customers, it is vital on how they feel to better represent your company. Your employees are the one handling advertising and marketing deals of your company, on your behalf. So, keeping them happy and satisfied will result in happier customers for sure.

Also look for employee training:

Don’t forget to keep your business handy with employee training. Such trainings need to be fun and informative, by adding new technologies all along the way. So, employees will have fun while learning something new every day. In turn, your business will remain at the top list with new developments all along the way.

So, to help in your business growth strategy, make sure to give your employees the help they need. In return, you will receive 100% dedication from their sides.

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