Bolster your personal branding efforts with these tips from Mike Giannulis

Bolster your personal branding efforts with these tips from Mike Giannulis

Personal branding is all about defining yourself and acquiring some distinctive traits that become your brand identity. But creating a personal brand can be a daunting task, and it is easy to lose your way in your pursuit of upholding your identity to the world, says Mike Giannulis. Knowing where to start is the most challenging part of the process of building a personal brand. You may have to try out various options to finally arrive at something the defines you in the best way.

To create an engaging and inviting personal brand, you must have focus by defining a key message instead of trying to be everything for everyone. Be clear about your target demographic and focus your message toward it to make it easy for others to define you and create content around your personal brand.

Here are some other steps to complete the process.

Be genuine, says Mike Giannulis

Mike Giannulis uphold what you are by staying genuine. Before starting a personal brand, become a master of your craft, trade, or industry by acquiring the necessary skill sets. Build content around it to reach out to the audience that helps to amplify who you are.  To build a personal brand, you must first earn the reputation of being one of the best in your field and then use it effectively across social media and other channels to amplify the image.

Tell a story

Stories attract people, and you must tell a story to the audience to draw them towards your personal brand.  Avoid shouting about your brand as it can turn people off and instead build a story around your brand that keeps the audience engaged. Interact with the audience regularly for developing a warm and friendly personal brand. Use text content or video to tell the story because the latter can create the highest engagement. Sending video messages from your phone is an easy way to connect with the audience at a personal level, be it your co-workers or prospective clients.

Create a positive impact

Establish your personal brand that gains some recognition among the audience.You mustcontinue building your brand to keep advancing of others and steadily grow a community around your brand. To make your brand thrive, maintain a positive attitude, and help others that pay back well in the long run.

Be consistent

Be clear about what you want to be and how you want others to perceive your brand. To achieve the goal, you must be consistent by developing content around a chosen topic. That helps create a brand voice and makes it easily recognizable. Stay consistent with your brand; promise both offline and online. From your appearance to communication, staying consistent helps you gain higher trust. Even the tiniest inconsistency can deeply dent your personal brand.

Remember that personal branding is all about marketing yourself, and you can emulate some of the acts of celebrities. And influential people to make your branding efforts more effective. Start living with your brand that becomes an inseparable part of your entity.

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