Benefits Associated With GamificationIn E-Learning According To Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Benefits Associated With GamificationIn E-Learning According To Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis gamification has now been introduced. As one of the most popular educational trends to follow in 2021. As the name is pretty self-explanatory, it means learning through gaming and also fun for improving the results. The educators, who used to follow this tactic, would convert their classrooms into gaming zones. And will unlock student’s creativity zones well.

Similarly, the learners would then go that extra hand and start experimenting with the current creative power. They will also get the chance to understand the value of teamwork and collaboration. The fun and play would then lead to growing their knowledge and aptitude on the said subject.

Different gaming zones for different educational levels according to Michael Giannulis:

As per Michael Giannulis, there are various educational levels available, and each one is known to have various games. For an enjoyable learning experience. Not only meant for the junior classes, but even the senior students get the chance. To come closer to their current subject matter through such a popular educational trend.

It will bring the uniformity among students and will help them to gain mastery over their subjects. It is one powerful learning practice for college and school classrooms. They are even more inclined towards online gamification.

Additional benefits to address:

Online gamification is not just fun to be associated with, there are multiple advanced tools allotted and with various options. Associated with classroom fun learning.

  • As the internet has an increased value for the future generation. Online gamification is likely to be a more popular trend. among students of 2021.
  • But, you should not forget that your games are not just going to be fun, but it has to be meaningful at the same time. It should not distract you from the main goal of study.
  • More than anything should also keep track of their assignments on the other subjects, and would have to complete those on time.

Perfect way to increase learner engagement as per Mike Giannulis:

If you ask Mike Giannulis about gamification, he states that it helps to increase learner engagement. It will help the e-learning professionals to work out on some experiences, which will help them to engage learners completely.

  • Gamification holds the right attention span and motivates the students well, and will give them a goal to achieve.
  • Whenever learners start feeling positive about their said learning procedure and know more about the rewards through their efforts. They will stop becoming passive observers and will turn into active participants.

By working on this routine, they are likely to absorb the information well and also then commit the same to long-term memory. The knowledge linked up with their favorable experience will stay within their minds for the longest period of time. So, make sure to keep gamification as part of your learning process if you want to increase concentration levels. Among students and let them be active parts of their subjects.

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