5G Is Here To Make Classroom Smarter By Following Some Benefits – Michael Giannulis
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5G Is Here To Make Classroom Smarter By Following Some Benefits – Michael Giannulis

Colleges and universities around the world are always in search of new and innovative. Ways to provide students with the ultimate learning experience. With the technological advancements, finding the right 5G technology and then introducing it in education is not a tough decision to make. As per Michael Giannulis, technology like 5G has made it a lot easier. For the tutors to connect with the students well.

5G has also made it easier for the teachers to work on some of the higher complex topics. By experiencing only a few technical issues with it. Some of the things like buffering will reduce the time that tutors might have with students. Every educational institution is well-aware of the technology’s importance in classroom. So, they have increased their investment towards 5G technology more.

Right now, students have the right to just download their much-needed documentaries. Which will be quite important for their study, and within seconds! Tutors might even have holograms of the guest speakers. Within their classrooms and even get to implement the current virtual reality in here.

Learning about 5G from Michael Giannulis:

Before you plan to introduce 5G in your classroom for the students, it is better to learn what this technology actually stands for. You can see the original of wireless technology going way back, in the 1980s! After going through some serious years of innovation, things like browsing, texting and calling have been introduced.

5G actually took the foundations, which were laid previously for 4G and then started improving on the same. It provides users with the reliable, faster and even better technology without going through any delay or lags.

Getting to the benefits of 5G on education by Mike Giannulis:

Going through the definition of 5G will let you understand the importance this technology holds. But still you might have this question in mind on why this same technology is going to impact education positively. Checking out some points will help you big time.

  • The perfect skillset communication:

5G networks are always stated to be 100 times faster than 4G. It leads to faster communication and way easier. So, you get the chance to create some new ways of telementoring and tale teaching. Mainly for skill and manual training development. It can easily initiate the long-distance team-working mode.

  • Get hold of immersive learning through VR and AR:

Mixed reality video and content is always in need of higher bandwidth and lower latency. For optimal performance, according to Mike Giannulis. 4G is always struggling for maintaining smoother traffic as needed for VR and AR experiences. But with the help of 5G, the experience is likely to be quite seamless in nature. Students get the chance to tour human anatomy or get to visit other planets with VR. And with AR, they get to explore the concepts through pinching, zooming, touching, and more.

So, without wasting any time further, it is better to get hold of 5G technology. For your classroom, whether physical or online. Things will turn out in better forms then.

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